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Homeowner’s Insurance Claims

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Your homeowner’s insurance carrier owes you a duty to treat you fairly.  When your home has suffered damage which has been reported to your insurance company, they should be giving you any benefit of the doubt and look to extend coverage for your loss.  However, as many homeowners have found, the opposite is usually true as their insurance carrier instead looks for any reason possible do deny coverage.

If your insurance carrier has denied your claim, or has decided you have suffered a covered loss but did not pay you enough money to repair your home, you do not have to accept the company’s decision.  You have every right to challenge your insurance company to be fully compensated for your damages, and also have them pay your attorney’s fees and costs for forcing you to have to seek redress through the courts.

Our firm specializes in helping homeowners get the money they are owed from their insurance carrier so that they may repair their homes and move on with their lives, at no out of pocket cost to the homeowners we help.

Please contact us so that we may assist you with your denied or underpaid claim, or by representing you from the onset with your new insurance claim.