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Assignment of Benefits Insurance Claims

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When a catastrophe occurs, homeowners, associations and businesses often need immediate assistance.  When water is flooding into their home, or their business has been destroyed by a fire, they can’t afford to wait while their insurance companies take their time assigning adjusters, inspect and re-inspect with experts, take statements and have their lawyers investigate before finally making a coverage determination and payment.

One of the ways insureds have been able to get the immediate assistance they need without having to pay out of pocket is through the assistance of remediation and restoration companies who will come out and fix leaks, dry up water, remove mold or damaged materials and even begin building back the premises so people can move on with their lives.  In exchange for this service, insureds will assign to these companies a portion of their insurance benefits related to the services being provided so that the company can be paid directly by the insurance company when its claim investigation has been completed.

Our team of attorneys is experienced in assisting both insureds and the companies who have been assigned benefits recover the money owed for any services which have been provided so that the insured does not have to pay those costs out of pocket.

If your company has provided services to an insured and received an assignment of benefits and the insurance company has denied the claim or underpaid for your services, let us help you get the money you are owed for the work you have done assisting your customers.