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Peter Mineo Jr.


In 1977, Mr. Mineo graduated from Biscayne College (now St. Thomas University) with a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting. His background in the field of accounting gives him an enormous advantage in addressing complex financial matters presented in divorce litigation.

In 1981, Mr. Mineo graduated from Nova University Law School. His entire third year of law school was spent as a clinical intern in the Broward County Public Defenders Office. This gave him the unique experience of having tried more than twenty cases before juries to verdict, before becoming a member of the bar.

In October of 1981, Mr. Mineo was sworn in as a member of the Florida Bar and worked as an assistant Public Defender. He was one of three persons hired from more than 40 applicants.

In 1982, he opened his own practice as a trial lawyer. He ultimately formed the firm, Mineo Booth & George, P.A., where he remained Senior Partner for many years.

Early in his career, Mr. Mineo handled a varied case load including Plaintiff Personal Injury, Family Law and Medical Negligence litigation and General Civil litigation. He has tried over two hundred cases to verdict over his career. Many of these cases were complex medical negligence matters which are considered the most difficult and most challenging of all cases.

He has successfully tried Family Law cases for high net worth clients, Medical Negligence cases for both plaintiffs and defendants, Wrongful Death cases for both plaintiffs and defendants, Products Liability cases involving serious injuries, Accident cases involving serious injuries and major civil litigation involving business disputes, including numerous legal malpractice claims.

Thereafter, Mr. Mineo was the founding and Senior Partner in the law firm of Mineo & Dellapina.

In 2005, Mr. Mineo was pleased to begin practicing with his son, Peter John Mineo,  and later started the firm of Mineo & Mineo, P.A together which eventually grew into the current Mineo Salcedo Law Firm.

Mr. Mineo maintains a very active and busy trial practice. He now limits his practice to cases involving high net worth individuals in civil matters and family law and those persons who have been catastrophically injured through the fault of others.

Representative cases:

The following are representative cases of the many hundreds of cases handled by Peter Mineo, Jr.

  • Cooper Smith v. Cooper Smith
    Permanent periodic alimony award in excess of $2 million dollars – 1982.
  • Business Partner v. Business Partners (identities confidential)
    Recovery: $13 million
    Involved one partner stealing from another and required litigation in two U.S. jurisdictions and four foreign countries.
  • Business Partner v. Two Law Firms (identities confidential)
    It also included successfully suing two of the clients law firms who collectively paid more than
    $5,000,000 to the client.
  • Johnson v. Chrysler
    Involved a park to reverse case over a Dodge Ram Pickup Truck. The Plaintiff suffered a serious injury. Recovery: $2,000,000
  • Mowle v. George May, M.D.
    Involved the failure to timely treat a leg injury. Recovery: $800,000
  • Steinberg v. George May, M.D.
    Involved in the wrongful amputation of Plaintiff’s leg. Jury verdict: $1,500,000
  • Scott v. Travel Equipment Co.
    Failure of an emergency exit in a motor home. Leg injury. Recovery: $675,000
  • Bariton v. 3 Physicians (identities confidential)
    Delay in diagnosis of Lymphoma. Recovery: $1,400,000
  • USA v. Squartino
    73 felony counts. Not guilty on all counts
  • Dailey v. Palermo
    Medical negligence matter ultimately badly handled by prior law firm.
    Recovery: $300,000.00.
  • Dailey v. Law Firm (identity confidential)
    Legal malpractice case involving lawyers’ failure to properly handle Dailey v. Palermo.
    Recovery: $1.6 million dollars.
  • Masters v. Jasper Construction Co., et al.
    Auto accident related to improper actions during I-95 expansion project.
    Recovery: $1.4 million dollars.