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Lender/Force-Placed Insurance Claims

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The majority of homes in Florida have mortgages on them. If you have not purchased your own homeowner’s insurance, your mortgage company may have purchased a lender placed insurance policy on your property.

Many homeowners are unclear of their rights in this situation. However, if your mortgage company has taken out a force-placed policy on your home, you will have been charge for same and you will be listed as an additional insured on the policy.

These lender placed insurance policies may not be as extensive in coverage as a policy you would have taken out yourself, but you have every right to make a claim under the policy if your home has suffered damage.

If you have a lender placed policy and have had your claim underpaid or denied, if you need assistance in reporting a new claim, or need help dealing with your mortgage company and insurance company, please contact us so that our team may assist you.