damaged-roofProperties in Florida have a greater propensity to have roof damage from wind or hall. If you have lived in Florida for several years, you may have experienced storms that could have potentially damage to your roof.  Luckily, in many cases storm damage to your roof will be covered under your property insurance policy.

However, insurance companies may not always properly evaluate damage and many insured’s will end up with a denied claim. The following are strategies many carriers use:

·       Reporting that damages are due to construction errors in installation.

·       Denying the coverage under the wear and tear exclusion in policies.

·       Carriers will blame deterioration when the roof had not leaked until a hail or wind storm. It is important to note that most shingle roofs in Florida have a 20 year life.

·       Florida law requires that 25% or more of the roof to be damages in order to receive full replacement from the insurance company. Insurance companies may agree to only pay a small portion even if more than 25% is damaged.

·       Hiring engineers who will report that the roof has little to no damage.

Our firm has successfully litigated roof claims against some of the largest insurance companies and often when a case is won, the insurance company will be responsible for paying attorney’s fees and cost.  Think you have roof damage?  Call The Mineo Salcedo Law Firm for a free home inspection and consultation.  (954) 463-8100.

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