An eight-year-old boy remains in police custody after attempting to rob a local convenience store at gunpoint, in West Palm Beach.

The boy rode his bike to the store and entered wearing a motorcycle helmet and baggy clothes while covering his face with a sweater. The odd behavior of this child alerted the employees that something was not quite right.

The boy confidently told the cashier, “give me the money,” while pointing a gun at him. Fortunately, another employee was keeping an eye on the situation and twisted the boy’s hand allowing the employee to secure the gun. At this point, the employee locked the gun in an office and put the ‘would be robber,’ in another room to wait for the police to arrive.

The minor told his mother, Ebony Alls, he was going to the park and gave her a hug before leaving to attempt his stick-up. The mother realized something was wrong when she picked up her purse and noticed it was lighter than usual. Upon investigation, she discovered her loaded handgun had been taken from her purse.

Customers who were interviewed at the scene were shocked that an eight-year-old was able to secure a loaded gun.

This minor is undergoing a mental health evaluation as he mentioned wanting to kill himself after the incident. While the boy will be taken to a juvenile detention center, charges have not yet been filed against him or his mother.

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