florida-summer-stormJust this past summer several powerful windstorms have hit  several areas in Florida. These storms have been strong enough to damage shingles and tear off roofs.

As advocates for policy holders, we have seen that many insurance claims arising out of storms will be underpaid, delayed, or wrongly denied. Homeowners may be intimidated by denial letters and left without direction.

Regardless of why your damages have not been paid, we can review your claim free of charge. Hire an insurance expert who can navigate you through the process and rightfully obtain a settlement for your damages.

We will let you know whether the insurance company is acting with good faith and doing the right thing. If legal representation is advised and we obtain a fair settlement, insurance company will be responsible for paying attorney’s fees and cost.

Our goal is to get you a settlement that is rightfully yours. We will not let “NO” be the final answer. Call The Mineo Salcedo Law Firm for a free consultation.  (954) 463-8100.


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