The 1957 children’s classic from Dr. Seuss, “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” has heartbreakingly happened in Miami Gardens. Four men broke into a home and stole all the presents under the tree plus family jewels and other valuables.

Police have issued photos of the 4 men who were caught by the family’s surveillance cameras while in the act of being inside the home. The owner of the house, Toni (last name and photo withheld) said she got an alert around 10 in the morning from her ADT alarm while she was at work. The alert notified her that someone had gone into her home. Fortunately, Toni and her husband has the foresight to buy the cameras and install them immediately.

According the police reports and the videos from the surveillance cameras, the men entered the house through a bedroom window. The videos captured the faces and vital details about the men like their face features, what they were wearing, and arm tattoos. One man saw the camera and tried to hide his face.

The valuables that were taken included a necklace and earrings Toni’s husband bought for her which has significant sentimental value and all the Christmas gifts under the tree estimated  to be worth several thousands of dollars. One of the gifts was for her son and was a computer.

Not long after the house alarm sounded, armed police came into the scene with a K-9 unit but the men had already disappeared apparently leaving hurriedly after they saw the surveillance cameras. Toni calls the break-in heartless because it took away Christmas for the family including the presents that had “From Santa” on them. The Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers are offering a reward of $1,000 for any legitimate tip on the men or their whereabouts. Calls can be made to 305-471-TIPS. Callers can stay anonymous and still be eligible for the reward money.

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