Cameras Catch Teenage Vandalism

Cameras Catch Teenage VandalismHollywood Police just released surveillance footage of three teens vandalizing Chaminade Madonna College Preparatory School. The teens broke into the school during summer break and cameras caught the teens ripping down posters from the walls, pulling out the fire hose into the hall way, and carrying out a large bag of stolen items. Off camera, the teens allegedly flipped over tables and benches on the schools property.  The school’s dean was able to identify one of the vandals- Salas, a former student who was expelled in the recent years. Thereafter, officials were able to apprehend the three teens; two were juveniles and the third alleged vandal was 18 years old. Salas, the 18-year-old was arrested back on June 15th and was later released on a $1,500 bond. All three of the teens are awaiting their court hearings.

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Florida’s Growing Coastal Areas are at Risk

With Florida’s population and development growing at a rapid rate in the past 10 years along the coast line, Florida’s vulnerability to horrific damage has increased immensely.

Hurricane season is quickly approaching and emergency managers fear that the new residents are ignorant to the potential dangers that come from hurricanes as well as veteran residents being far too comfortable with the hurricane drought. If a catastrophic hurricane were to strike the Miami shoreline today, damage could undoubtedly reach $125 billion, pushing public and private insurance programs to their limits.

Hurricane Season

New building codes that include shatter-proof windows and wind resistant structures have actually reduced the potential damages from a hurricane, making the new development more resilient. The upgraded codes, however, will not fully mitigate the financial loss. The cost of repairing 25 percent of a million-dollar structure can be much greater than completely repairing the destruction of a modest older home. With or without the new codes, damage can still be astronomical.

Mobile homes have also improved durability but these structures are still high risk. A 2013 state analysis found that there were more than 850,000 mobile homes in the state of Florida. Storm surges pose the biggest threat to these homes because buildings can be made safer against winds but not necessarily against a storm surge that rushes 20 feet of water in-land and then pulls splinted homes out to sea when it recedes.

Insurance is at the height of concern when looking into the potential damages that come along with a disastrous storm.  Now, with subsidized flood insurance, the population along the coast has increased and this is not necessarily a good thing. These subsidized insurance rates can promote irresponsible and careless development that can be detrimental in the long run. With that being said, it is extremely important to review your insurance policy before the storm strikes.

Insurance companies are covering less and less when homeowners are continuously paying for suitable insurance policies. The attorneys at The Mineo Salcedo Law Firm have seen these issues time and time again. With hurricane season approaching, it is vital to make sure that you, as a homeowner, will be covered for potential damages. If your insurance company denies or under pays your claim, call The Mineo Salcedo Law Firm. We represent homeowners, associations and business owners get the money they are owed from their insurance company so that they can repair their properties from these catastrophic storms.

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The Duty to Defend an Insured

United States District Court of the Southern District of Florida

After a Florida insurance company argued several policy exclusions in order to avoid a duty to defend an insured, the United States District Court of the Southern District of Florida denied the insurance company’s arguments and held that they had a duty to defend the insured.

The basis for this case arose from an aerial spraying of herbicide onto Florida Crystals Corporation’s (the insured), property and getting onto a neighbor’s, (Date Palm) property. The herbicide damaged the date palm trees on the property and Date Palm sued Florida Crystals and the herbicide company. Florida Crystal sought help for the defense in the case under their insurance policy, however, National Union Fire Insurance Company, denied coverage.
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The Mineo Salcedo Law Firm is Proud to Welcome Alexander J. Santana to its Team

Alexander Santana was born and raised in South Florida. Since his formative years, Alexander has been immersed in the diverse culture of South Florida and has thrived as a community member.

Alexander earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Florida International University in 2004 where he majored in both Marketing and Management. Prior to attending law school, Alexander honed his business acumen, while cultivating client relationships, working at SunTrust Bank and then Carnival Cruise Lines. In both, Alexander provided the client with superior service and advantageous results.

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Homeowner Gets New Roof Thanks to PACE Financing

PACE Financing


Marie Roseme, who has been living in the Woodlands Country Club for four years and the City of Tamarac for 11, is a home healthcare nurse and single mother of three boys. She also has her hands full with her youngest child in a special needs program for children with autism. After months of living with an unsightly blue tarp on her home, she was able to publicly thank the people who made it possible for her to have a brand new roof over her head.

Last spring, she came home from work to find water all over her house from a roof leak. The next day, she called her insurance company but they denied her claim. She then had no choice but to put a blue tarp over her house. After some time, the Section Two association had to report her to the City of Tamarac.

She showed the inspector at the City how bad the problems were, and how water was gushing into her home when it rained. Unfortunately, she was too high up on the list to receive any kind of help through a grant but fortunately, the City gave her information on The Florida PACE Funding Agency Program and did not fine her once she started working with them. Needless to say, she was happy with the immediate response she received from PACE.PACE FinancingContinue reading

Contractors Win in Insurance Battle

A South Florida appeals court sided with contractors that sought payment from insurance companies. In three high-profile cases from Palm Beach County, the 4th District Court of Appeal ruled against property insurers who argued that assignment of benefits were invalid.


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Insurance Rules Changing for Ridesharing Drivers

If you are a ridesharing driver in certain states, you no longer have anything to hide from your insurer

In many states, insurance is still a stumbling block. If you are a ridesharing driver in certain states, you no longer have anything to hide from your insurer and are able to find at least one car insurance company that will cover you with full knowledge of your driving activities. In states like Nevada, however, drivers are still waiting for coverage, as the state’s legislators continue to debate regulations that would legalize ridesharing. The principal concern is the gray zone when drivers are in between passengers.

If you are a ridesharing driver in certain states, you no longer have anything to hide from your insurer

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Hurricane Wilma Damage Claim Resurfaces

hurricane wilma

hurricane wilmaMore than three years after Hurricane Wilma hammered South Florida in October 2005, an appeals court has ordered a new trial to dispute Citizens Property Insurance Corp.’s decision to deny a water-damage claim filed from the storm.

Owner Edie Laquer filed the claim in 2009 after mold and other water damage was discovered in a wall. The unit had not appeared to be directly damaged by Hurricane Wilma, but a neighbor’s unit had been flooded which caused the damage.

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