Continuous Seepage

Continuous SeepageOne of the most common claims filed by homeowners in Florida involves water damage. Water damage can have several causes, including but not limited to plumbing leaks, roof leaks, drain line backups, washing machine leaks or a/c leaks. These water leaks can cause substantial damage to a residence or personal property and furniture. While most insurance policies cover such sudden and accidental water leaks, the most common denial for such claims is the constant or continuous seepage exclusion.   This exclusion comes into play when the insurance company retains an expert or independent adjuster to inspect the damaged property and provide an opinion that the damage is long term. The insurance company will rely on photographs, the existence of prior claims, prior repairs or prior plumbing issues to support their opinion. As a result, homeowners might be faced with the difficulty of trying to prove that the water damage they sustained on their property was sudden and accidental.

In the event that your claim was denied as a result of constant or repeated seepage, you are not out of options. The Property Claim Lawyers of The Mineo Salcedo Law Firm have handled countless cases involving water damage claims that were denied by the insurance company and has been able to obtain a favorable recovery for the homeowners. Our team of attorneys previously represented these same insurance companies, and understands the types of arguments, evidence and testimony required to overcome the insurance companies’ defenses to water damage claims.

If you have any questions concerning your Homeowners’ insurance policy, or think you may have a property claim, call The Property Claim Lawyers of The Mineo Salcedo Law Firm at (954) 463-8100, or click HERE to request a complimentary claim review. One of our attorneys will be happy to review your insurance policy and conduct a free inspection of your home.

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